Animania 3- Death Note

Every quantity is made with an equal and opposite force, attempting to diminish its existence; its sole purpose is to defeat and eradicate its counterpart. For Light Yagami, this force was a greatly (and secretly) revered detective that goes by the name L.

Light Yagami happens across a note book from the deepest parts of Purgatory, the Death Note. This mysterious piece of stationery allows its wielder to kill anyone by merely writing their name in it. Being the righteous individual he is, Light begins executing criminals as and when they are announced on the daily news; a “hobby” that soon earns him the name Kira. International Police Agencies get wind of these killings and dive into the case. It is here that L makes his first appearance. Light and L soon engage in a battle of wits, wage wars with nothing but their minds and take you for the most amazing ride you’ll ever experience.

The essence of this show lies in its ability to make you a little more than comatose to anything and everything around you that doesn’t have to do with Death Note. By way of reasoning beyond our years and mental prowess anyone of is yet to see, yet alone display, Death Note keeps you glued to it for the entire span of 37 episodes and a few weeks after! What truly keeps you up late at night watching it, is how they manage to get you to decide for yourself on what side of the line good is. Is killing people good if they’ve made one wrong move? Or is Kira to be deemed a God for ridding this world of all evil?

Choose sides for yourself in this battle of epics that has you questioning your moral standing of good and evil till the very end. Probably one of top series to have ever come to existence. Simply put: Mind F@*K.

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