Animania 4- South Park

I can pretend all I want to be smart, sophisticated and well composed through the day. But this is the only show that allows me to be daft, dumb and an all-over jerk at the end of it all.  Airing in late 1997, this Animated Sitcom is based on… well, nothing actually. Four South Park Elementary school kids have random and absolutely pointless journeys that lead them to insignificant conclusions, involving more toilet humor than need be.

This is the only series I have come across that makes an open mockery of all that is under the sun. From Santa Clause, the people of all races, to just about every religion in the world. Honestly, I don’t know how I hope to promote this series. It is sixteen seasons (a few more are promised to release in due time) of nothing but pure insults to everything you know and have heard of. But in all fairness, it will tickle your insides like never before.

The series revolves around four school going kids Kyle Broflovski, Stan Marsh, Kenny McCormick and Eric Cartman. The four of them unravel mysteries of the ages, become ninjas and super heroes and do everything you’ve ever dreamed of as a kid. With teachers as nutty as a good Snickers bar, their education must’ve gone to the dogs, but you sure as hell get a good laugh off it.

Get in on a tale of ridiculous awesomeness that will take you from Imagination Land to the farthest skies, to getting Tom Cruise out of the closet, to alien abductions. The most I have EVER laughed in my entire life.

South Park 1

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