Naruto… Revisited

While trying to reach out to people, you find that more than appreciation for your work, criticism is more readily dished out. It’s only been a mere few weeks that I’ve been writing on this page, but I already seemed to have hit my first snag. Quite a few people (modest though it may be) have approached me saying my article (Animania 1: Naruto) was unsatisfactory. They claimed it to undersell the giant that this show is. I must say I quite agree with them. My portrayal of the series was undermining to such an extent to be deemed a farce. In reality, Naruto is a series that far exceeds expectations of Anime “Hardcores” and “Haters” alike. Characters of emotion, contest, fights over opposite purposes and a will to achieve excellence are all depicted and in a fashion no other Anime has to offer. To say this would exponentially increase expectations of the reader and may lead them to drop the show in the first few episodes which are regrettably, “slow”. In the fight to maintain neutrality keeping in mind that quite a few people would find the show drab and “Recycle Bin Worthy”, I’m afraid I failed miserably and ended up depicting the show to be rather repulsive to the mind and eye. I may also succeed in presenting it in a fashion every viewer would appreciate it in, but I am without doubt I’m quickly on my way to overselling it this week. So I pray the reader will see the show in a manner that is “in between” the two articles I’ve written…

A decade or so ago, the quite village of Konoha (Leaf Village) was attacked by the fiercest demon of all- the Nine Tailed Fox. The Fourth Hokage (Village Master) seals the beast within a newly born child- Naruto Uzumaki, giving his life in exchange. The show surrounds the fact that Naruto is an outcast in his own village, admittedly being home to the Demon that killed several people of that very Village. Unawares if his monstrous past, Naruto goes through life wanting nothing more than to have friends and be liked. Opportunities spring by, with competition between Naruto and his team mate Sasuke Uchiha, the teachings of his master Kakashi Hatake, his “love” Sakura Haruno and the missions he’s put to by Konoha. A couple episodes in to the show, Naruto finally discovers the power of the Nine Tailed Fox hidden within him and soon learns to control it.

The true plot of the story begins with the invasion of Konoha by Orochimaru, an excessively accomplished Ninja who seeks Immortality to learn EVERY Jyutsu (Ninja technique) there is to achieve true greatness, takes over Konoha. Fights soon engage that encompass imaginations of most people alive. The mere magnitude of destruction and power every character displays will blow your mind into the next century. Every episode, every scene leave you with chills down your spine with the dead being recalled , fights between accomplished Hokages, Orochimaru’s devious plot and schemes and lastly, seeing how far Naruto will go to become the greatest Hokage there ever was. Watch the show to discover his power for yourself!



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