9 Temples In and Around Mangalore for the Religious Minded

This temple is situated on the banks of River Kumaradhara, which originates in the Kumara Mountains is also a delight to watch.

The people of South Kanara are essentially religious and the Mangalore Temples carry a lot of importance for the spiritually inclined. Life is sanctified for the people of coastal Karnataka with various religious practices. As such we see many temples dating back to centuries, to the present day shrines. In this article, we list the 9 Mangalore temples and provide you with easy travel tips to visit them.

Kukke Subramanya Temple:

Amidst the greenery spread by the forest, mountains and land irrigated by the river Kumaradhara, lies the sacred temple of the Lord Kukke Subramanya. This temple is now easily accessible through buses, Taxis and Maxi cabs. This temple is situated on the banks of River Kumaradhara, which originates in the Kumara Mountains is also a delight to watch. In this large temples interior lie sacred idols of various Gods and beautiful statues of Lord Subramanya, the main deity of the temple. About a furlong from the main temple lies Adi Subramanya, another temple to visit. A bath in the Kumaradhara River, which flows between these two temples, is considered very sacred.

Sri Kukke Subramanya Temple
This temple is situated on the banks of River Kumaradhara, which originates in the Kumara Mountains is also a delight to watch.

Location: This temple is located 104 Kms from Mangalore and 40 Kms, from Sullia.

Kateel Durga Parameshwari Temple:

Kateel – which means ‘waist of the River’, lends its name to the famed Kateel Durga Parameshwari Temple. The chief deity here is in the form of an Udhbava (naturally found) Linga. The pillars of the temple bear beautiful sculptures.

Kateel Durga Parameshwari Temple
Kateel is 29 K.M. distances from Mangalore city. Website- http://www.kateeldevi.in

Location: This temple is located 28 Kms. east of Mangalore, located on an island of Nandini river.

Mahalingeshwara Temple:

Sri Mahalingeshwara temple is the oldest temple in Puttur. It has an inscribed slab of the time of Vijayanagara King Pratap Devaraya dated in the Shaka year 1353. Every year from April 10th to April 19th Jatra (Temple Fest) is celebrated with Rathotsava (Chariot Fest) and Lakshadeepotsava being special attractions.

Birds View of Puttur Mahalingeshwara Temple during the rathotsava
Puttur Shree Mahalingeshwara Temple Chariot Festival

Location: This temple is located 50 Kms. south-east of Mangalore in Puttur.

Dharamasthala Manjunatha Temple:

The Manujunatha Temple is a prominent Shaivaite centre that has Madhwa Vaishnavaite priests and is administered by hereditary Jain family known as Heggades. Every person who visits this temple here is welcomed and given a free meal with 03 days lodging. The Jain influence can be seen in the 39 feet statue of Bahubali erected in 1980 on a hill near the temple. A vintage Manjusha Museum, opposite to the temple houses a wide range of objects including ancient scripts on Palm leaves, silver jewellery and religious statuary etc. During the annual festival ‘Laksha Deepotsava’ held in November – December, one lakh
lamps are lit and various religious activities are celebrated.

Sri Manjunatha Temple Dharmasthala
Dharmasthala is perhaps the most highly revered and best-known temple town in Karnataka.

Location: Sri Manjunatha temple is located 75 Kms. east of Mangalore in Dharmasthala, Belthangady taluk.

Karinjeshwara Temple, Bantwala:

This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and Parvathi. The temple stands high on the hill amidst beautiful surroundings. The view of the lake below the hill will certainly cool one’s eyes. Every year in months of February – March, Shivaratri, the festival of Lord Shiva is celebrated here with much festivity, which attracts large masses of people.

Karinjeshwara Temple Bantwala
You have to climb 555 steps to reach the Temple of Lord Shiva at the peak via the Temple of Goddess Parvati en route.

Location: This place is located 32 Km. away from Mangalore city in Bantwal Taluk.

Nara Hari Betta, Bantwal:

This Shiva temple is also historically known as a place where Nara and Hari, incarnations of Lord Vishnu were supposed to have performed the penance. This hill top temple is also known for its lyrical ponds, which are in the shape of Shanka (Conch), Chakra (Wheel), Gadha (Heavy Weapon) and Padma (Lotus), the weapons of Vishnu. Taking a holy dip in these ponds on the day of Karthik Somvar is considered to be sacred according to the Hindu mythology.

NaraHari Betta Bantwal
This Shiva temple is a place where Nara and Hari, incarnations of Lord Vishnu were supposed to have performed penance.

Location: It is situated 25 Kms. from Mangalore in Bantwal.

Mangala Devi Mangalore Temple:

King Kundavarma built this eponymous temple from which Mangalore city draws its name as a mark of piety on the advice of two Nepali sages in 10th century. On the Nine days of Navaratri or Dasara in October, this temple comes alive in a grand celebration of the Devi. The Parvathi pooja in the temple draws a lot of aspiring girls who seek divine intervention in their search for ideal mates.

Mangaladevi Temple Mangalore
The word Mangalore is derived from Goddess Mangaladevi, the main deity of the temple.

Location: This temple is located just 3 Kms. away from the city center. To get there take the City Bus Number- 27,  27A, 29A.

Kadri Manjunatha Mangalore Temple:

Kadri Manjunatha Temple dating back to 1068 A.D is the oldest Shiva temple in peninsular India. It commemorates the legend of Parashurama. The caves atop on the Kadri hills on which the temple is situated are popularly known as the ‘Caves of Pandavas’. The salient feature of this temple is the ever-flowing water from the ‘Gomukha’ meaning from the mouth of Cow’s idol. Padmanatha Lokeshwara a bronze statue within the temple is among the oldest bronze sculptures in the country. Statues of Buddha and Lokeshwara adorn the temple as well. Lokeshwara at Kadri – The best Bronze in the country belonging to the 9th century, installed by the Alupa King Kundavarma.

mangalore temple kadri manjunatheshwara
The temple of Manjunatheshwara on the hills of Kadri is a very beautiful and popular temple in Mangalore.

Location: This temple is located about 5 Kms. from the heart of Mangalore city. For easy travel to this Mangalore temple take the City Bus Number- 3, 3A, 4, 4C, 6A, 6B, 6C, 14, 14A, 14B, 21, 22, 30A, 30B, 48.

Gokarnanath Mangalore Temple:

Sri Narayan Guru constructed this temple in 1912. In 1991, the temple was renovated in the Chola style from its earlier Kerala style. Navaratri Utsava (Holy Nine Nights) during the Dasara is the famous annual festival of this temple. The 9th day, a grand procession of Navadurga is very popular like Mysore Dasara.

mangalore temple kudrolli gokarnanath
Navarathri Utsava (Dasara festival) is very famous and is one of the main tourist events in this temple.

Location: This Mangalore temple is situated at Kudroli, 3 Kms. To the North West of Mangalore City Railway Station. To get there take the City Bus Number- 13, 7


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