AniMania 1- Naruto

From an era of scribbled hand-drawn toons to today’s near-reality “Japanimation”, the word of Animation (popularly called Anime) has seen more change and transformation than Lindsay Lohan with a bottle of booze and a needle. Anime have touched our lives more than we care to admit. Contrary to what your friends may say, Anime don’t solely refer to those awesomely-almost-real-looking-animations the Japs have made since ages past. Rather, they include all the toons you would DEFINITELY have watched as a child like Dexter’s Laboratory, Swat Kats, Power Puff Girls, Tom and Jerry and (though we guys may despise admitting it) those Barbie movies come under this category of entertainment too. We’ve all celebrated them in our past and most of us (guys for the most part) worship them today. To tribute this fraction of our lives, we offer you the chance to showcase your “Mania” for Anime (hence AniMania) on your own ManipalBlog Mangalore.


                Whether you’re a fanatic yourself or know of someone who’s caught the Naruto worm, you’ll know how viral this show has become. Started as a comic by Masashi Kishimoto in the late 90’s, it quickly gained popularity as a Manga (Japanese genre of Cartoons) and later was broadcasted as a TV series in 2002. It tells the story of Naruto Uzumaki, a young Ninja that aspires for recognition and strength to one day be recognized the strongest Hokage (village leader). Naruto finds rivalry with Sasuke Uchiha, the last of the Uchiha clan (said to once have been the strongest of all clans in the village) not only so far as Ninja training in concerned, but also in courting his “love”, Sakura Haruno. Training this mismatched trio is Kakashi Hatake, a powerful ninja master equipped with a one-eyed “Sharingan” (Mirror Eye Wheel) that allows him to copy his opponents’ techniques.

It is only when Naruto discovers that in him lies the Chakra (Life Force) of a fierce monster/demon- the “Nine Tailed Fox” that the real story begins. Set with this immense source of power, we see Naruto achieve unimaginable feats time and again, challenging his limits till he can amaze us no further. What sets this series apart is that Naruto is surprisingly enough, NOT the epicenter of the story. We find ourselves drowning in a maze of back stories and history as each new character is entwined into the narration. With inter-clan conflicts and exams/tests these young warriors must face, you find yourself succumbing to the addiction so many have fallen prey to in the past. Expect deadly assassins, wars, Shuriken and all sorts of Jutsus (Ninja Techniques) like the Shadow Replication (Bunshin No Jutsu), Chidori Nagashi and so so SO many more.

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