Top 10 Tourist Destinations in Bangladesh


According to the World Bank, Bangladesh does not make it to the travel bucket list of many tourists. Often, the locals of the place are surprised to see tourist. However, this has rendered the place to be the least likely destination for tourism-related scams. Residents of villages are therefore very amicable to the few who visit the country and are often willing to share their knowledge about the place – history, cultural trademarks, and popular sites – with those willing to ask.

Thus, if you are under the impression that Bangladesh may not have as exciting a travel itinerary as any other place, then you might want to rethink. Here is a list of the top 10 tourist destinations that are a must-visit in Bangladesh:

  1. Sundarbans Mangrove Forestssylhet-ratargul-bangladesh-water-river-sundarbans

Sundarbans are sandwiched between two countries of India and Bangladesh. There is an abundance of wilderness and wildlife inhabiting these forests, including the majestic Bengal Tiger, thus making it a tourist destination for all the wanderers out there.

  1. Srimangal

If you are seeking an escape from the cacophonous chaos of city life, then you should go to Srimangal. There are tea gardens interspersed in the entire town, giving it the popular name of being the Tea Capital of Bangladesh.

  1. Paharpur

Located in the southwestern region of Bangladesh, Paharpur inhabits a renowned UNESCO world heritage site called Somapuri Mahabhihara. It is an archaeological site that dates back to 8th century. The Buddhist monastery situated here is the second largest in the south Himalayan region.

  1. Martin’s Island

For all the beach lovers, St. Martin’s Beach has a spectacular view of watersport activities like surfing, swimming, and parasailing. Many localities and tourists visit the place in the morning, which leaves it serene and quieter in the afternoon for those seeking solitude.

  1. Gaur

The history buffs out there might want to pay a visit to the ancient ruined city of Gaur, which was the capital of the entire region of Bengal. It served as the capital from the 12th to 15th centuries, after which it was abandoned due to the spread of cholera. Now, the restored mosques, orchards, and architecture make it a popular tourist destination.

  1. Barisal

If you want to explore the culture and lifestyle of Bangladesh, then visit Barisal. It is a floating, where vendors sell fruits and vegetables sailing on boats.

  1. Puthia

If you want to explore the religious ethnicity couples with the historic marvelousness, then Puthia is your cue. In fact, in entire Bangladesh, the most number of historical temples and rich architectural structure is found in Puthia. A few of these temples constitute of intricately designed terracotta plaques with stories from Hindu mythology.

  1. Cox’s Bazar

Cox Bazar is known to be the longest beach site in Bangladesh. It inhabits a long stretch of 125 km and is a relaxing place to spend afternoons at. There are shacks, cages and sun loungers spread across the beach for people to lay back and bask in the sun.

  1. Sonargaon

Sonargaon, like Puthia, is an ancient city known for Panam Nagar, a merchant market only the ruins of which remain now. Some other attractive heritage site of the place are the Folk-arts and Crafts Museum and Goaldi Mosque built in 15th century.

  1. Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh

For adventure travelers, Chittagong Hill Tracts pose as a popular getaway destination. There reside many Bangladeshi tribes within the region, and so it is an attractive place for anthropomorphists. There is a river amidst this region called the Sangu River that makes for a picturesque location.

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