A World without internet – Utter Chaos: Pranay Pareek

“Modems, Internet? What rubbish are you blabbering? This is an STD booth”

Taking a closer look at the history of mankind, one can certainly say that from time to time, there are certain technologies that make their way into our lives and become an integral part. Speaking of the modern world, the internet is one such technology. An essential limb of mankind it has become that it’s hard to imagine our lives without it.

Whatever level it maybe, from the vast web that connects the entire world down to a single cell phone, the numerous government servers vital for national security or the stock markets being the backbone of our economy. Their existence would be out of question if it weren’t for the internet. Being primarily invented for defence purposes, it waited for the personal computers to come out and a few years down the line, all that one needed was a telephone connection and a modem to make their presence felt in cyberspace. And now there’s hardly any sector that has been left untouched by the internet. Be it finance, education, sports, journalism, tourism or any form of media for that matter.

A World Without Internet
The internet is a very fruitful tool; invention; technology and mankind has somehow intertwined itself in the world wide web.

The internet has completely changed the face of communication. Modern day communication means such as e-mails, IMs, tweets, file sharing, VoIP, video streams have cut down vast distances between people. Everything nowadays is about speedy communication. And none of it would have been possible without the internet being there and connecting all the users over the web. The Age of Information wouldn’t have arrived if it wasn’t for the seemingly infinite sea of data in cyberspace.

Going a little specific and speaking out of personal experience, the internet provides an excellent platform for upcoming artists, photographers, designers and musicians. Bands can easily connect with their fans, share their music over streams or publicize for upcoming shows. Photographers, designers can easily upload an album of their shots and have an instant portfolio ready to share with anyone they want to. It’s easier for them target the specific people whose tastes might be inclined towards their work.

Keeping the tech-oriented stuff aside, the world would be a crazy place if today the internet ceased to exist. Ah the humour! It would be crazy if people ran around with their photographs, shoving them in everyone’s face and asking if they like them, people wearing their t-shirts with their relationship status printed on them or bands going all around the place with their boom boxes asking everyone for a listen to their track or Apple opening up the iTunes store by the road side and selling movies, tracks by assortment or by the dozen. We would also have actual trolls among us but I wonder if people would be ever so ready to actually draw their memes and rage comics. And if the keyboard warriors spoke out their minds in front of everyone, it would certainly lead to some nasty blue eyes!

Every coin has two sides and the internet’s no exception. Speaking of certain elements, one might be compelled to think that the world would have been a better place if we didn’t have the internet. No one would be glued to the computer screens all day long and people would actually take some time to take a stroll outside and appreciate the nature, meet others, converse in person and have a few moments of interaction with another being. Minors would be safe from being exposed to unsuitable content. Romance wouldn’t be dead and people would actually take out a few moments to maintain a friendship instead of sending a friend request and then continuing on the road of ‘likes’ and ‘comments’. But in the end, it all comes down to the fact that when one has a tool; it depends on them how they use it. The internet has more to offer than any person would ever want, but self-control and discipline shouldn’t be ignored. A knife can be used for numerous purposes, using it on apples would be the best one.

The internet is a very fruitful tool; invention; technology and mankind has somehow intertwined itself in the world wide web. If today this limb was to be amputated, there’s no doubt that the Age of Information would come to an end and there would be utter chaos for the near future to come.

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