8 Things to Pay Attention to When Buying a Campervan

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Have you ever dreamt of living on a wheel? Or going on great expeditions and having the full experience of nature! Have you been in pursuit to purchase a campervan and are not sure how to go about it? Well, here are eight things to pay attention to when buying a campervan. Read on!

1.Consider Your Budget

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If you want to buy something, you need to know how much money you’ll be spending on the same. We won’t discuss pricing variations across nations or locations in this piece; rather, we’ll focus on the general method you should employ to eventually get your campervans gold coast for sale.

You should research the market online utilizing the most popular search engines and platforms before deciding on a budget. We strongly advise you to do the same in your nation, since this will give you a better sense of what you may anticipate for your spending.

After doing some preliminary research, establish a list of your top objectives that will help you decide whether or not to purchase a specific camper van.

Remember that the price isn’t always the price you’ll pay in the end; you may always haggle. Typically, individuals selling online price their items higher than they anticipate getting, leaving room for bargaining and the feeling of a win-win scenario after the transaction. Our recommendation is to negotiate!

2. Know Your Travel Plans and Schedules

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One of the first questions you should ask yourself before purchasing a camper van is how you want to utilize it. Are you planning on going on a short weekend break or a longer vacation? If you’re having trouble deciding where to go next, get inspiration online.

3.The Mileage

campervan mileage
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Again, the basic rule is that the more mileage traveled, the less it costs. At times there are large differences, such as a van with 100K km and another with 60K, with the cheaper having fewer miles. If that’s the case, raise an alarm and look into it more; it might be a scenario where the seller is desperate to sell due to mechanical issues or another significant concern. This brings us to our next point!

4.The Campervan’s Mechanics Conditions

check your campervan to see if it is fitThe state of the mechanics is unquestionably the most crucial factor to consider when purchasing a camper van. Carefully search for the finest possible state in the engine, tires, oil filters, dashboard, and other components.

The dashboard, for instance, is supposed to be made of the required minimum wall thickness injection molding. This helps in ensuring that your campervan meets the standard specifications and that you’ll not have much trouble with having to replace its dashboard once you make your purchase, due to issues that the current dashboard might have.

We recommend you to buy whichever campervan your trusted mechanic advises if you are not too sure of what campervan to purchase. You can have your mechanics or technician accompany you to inspect the campervans you may have narrowed down to. This helps you be in a better position to make a great choice.

5.The Interior Specs

Campervan interiors
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You may or may not be choosy when it comes to the amenities you wanted in a camper van. Depending on the size of your campervan, you may want as much as the campervan can accommodate, or the normal utilities that will be necessary for your travel.

Things such as cookers, fridges, toilets and charging ports are quite essential.  If you plan to go into the wild, things like power protectors for your devices while they charge, especially if you plan to use solar, will always come in handy. If you plan to spend most of the night in a camping site, cookers, a fridge, and other minor stuff will be just fine, meaning that your campervan does not have to be massive.


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You should be concerned about the legal aspects of your campervan. If the campervan you are looking to purchase is a used one, you should be given its license and other paperwork. Otherwise, you need to get the required documentation and paperwork that are required if you are buying a new one.

Before choosing, know the legal requirements and the complexities involved in acquiring the licenses in your country or region.

7.The Size

campervan sixe matters
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More room usually equates to more luxury, but it also equates to less movement. A larger van is harder to maneuver, and it is unable to reach some locations such as smaller towns, narrow ancient town roads, and lower tunnels, among other things. Some countries have height and length restrictions on the same.

A smaller van, on the other hand, provides you with greater mobility; you can simply drive to wherever you want. It gave you the freedom to wander about and park near all of the landmarks.

8.The Storage Space

campervan space
Source: Quirky Campers

Based on the kind of excursions you intend to do with your campervan, you must be ready to bring all of the basics with you to give you the required leisure for a dream vacation.

If you journey for extended periods or during colder seasons, you will need to bring additional gear, such as heavy sweaters and heavy wear, to deal with the challenges, which will require extra storage space.

The Bottom Line

The choices you make on purchasing your campervan will determine whether you will have a great time on your trip, or curse yourself for making a terrible decision. Either way, you need to take great consideration of the pointers above for a better choice. Best of Luck!

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