Two Best Beaches Of Udupi – Bengre The Silent Estuary And The Swarming Malpe

I just can’t stop my own rhythm  of an endless fathom for the mystery of a SEA. 

There is always something about “Sea”, I always say this. And there is a secret I must tell you regarding the beaches of Udupi. Without sketching big agendas, just let yourself there and get carried away by them. Udupi is otherwise the flavoured “cuisine” town and also the “Temple town” situated few kilometers away from the sea-coast.

I recommend you to reach out to these two beaches for two contrasting reasons. Find complete peace and silence in one and absolute noise food and crowd in the other. 

1 – BENGRE / DELTA / KODI BEACH – The silent paradise, hosting the confluence of “RIVER SUVARNA” meeting the Arabian Sea. 

We do reach out to beaches for various reasons. And this is a perfect place to rejuvenate yourself from a hectic routine in the serene noiseless aura. There is absolutely less  number of  visitors frequenting this beach. Also it is way easy on your wallet.  The drive from Udupi city would be about 10 kilometers or little more that will take you past the randomly laid coconut palms that whisper cool winds in your ears. 

DSC 0982
The faint lines where the river greets the sea tide
DSC 1000
It’s something to rest your back on sands watching a river and a sea on either side

The calmer looks of the river makes it obvious why one could hide away from the chaotic routines and settle in here. Listening to the whispers of the winds, watching the variety of birds or the boats. The local fisheries are quite a popular thing in here. A big mass of the coastal residents depend on sea food too. The “crow watching” a term I coin here was sheer fun from childhood times. They generally are seen pecking at stuff from trash cans or dried remains of fishes and sometimes get aggressive and give you a chase if you bite your snack in the open. One of us would find it amusing to run after a flock of them settled around the trash, in our childhood days.

DSC 0976
Calmer Looks
DSC 0992
The Three Idiots 
DSC 0999
A local fisherman busy casting his blue fishing net in the river waters.

There is a pattern in chasing the sunset colours or the flights of the birds here. I adore how the birds love to settle on river bank rocks or smaller trees however fly away over sea tides only when the sun starts fading away. There is a way how we watch the boats that wander away in the river and return back by dusk and side by side you could see a random  ship that makes it move past the bigger waves away from the shore. 

 The sands untouched by huge human crowd poses a varying fresh look. The crawling grumpy crabs are seen scampering at the dusk looking for their homes deep in the sands.  They are the lucky ones to see no traffic jams but only fear of monstrous humans waiting to devour them.
 With so much nature, so much of time to rejuvenate your minds, and when eyes are feasting on the myriad colours from the earth till the sky, our fingers automatically make irregular patterns in the sands. Sometimes the pattern could be non concentric circles or our names. 

DSC 0989

DSC 1025
One of my favourite sun set view here

DSC 0998

DSC 1011

DSC 1026

DSC 1051

DSC 1071

DSC 1038

DSC 1055
When you are not good at making sand castles with your children this is what you  could carve our in the sands

2 – MALPE the popular port, crowned best beach of Udupi.

Probably, most interesting thing about this beach is it the FIRST beach in the country to supposedly get free Wi-Fi as a result of Digital Drive by our government.

After touring the Bengre, one can easily roll up sleeves and get set on mark for the rapid activity based beach. Human sea, street vendors selling variety of food specially the fried sea food in open, water sports, para gliding or the giant wheels on the run.  There is not much time to romance the sea or the waves unless you are determined to ignore the food or the other happening rides. You get to witness the majestic feel of a fair here.

Also you can rejoice the distant view of the St. Mary’s Island. One can visit the island, picking up a boat ride from the port end. They generally close in the monsoon. And also is safer to trip in bigger groups. 

And here’s a local vendor offering the “CHURMURI”
Catch me if you can said the red ball and I tried in vain
st.%2Bmarys%2Bisland %2Bdistant%2Bview.
A distant view of the St. Mary Island






Myself – In the process of vanquishing fear of heights 

Tempt yourselves to feel lost in the vast Konkan beaches. The nearest airport is “Mangaluru” and best five-star stay would be available in Manipal.

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