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It all started with me starting college… No, let me be absolutely honest, it began much before that. I am a dreamer, was one and am absolutely certain will remain one. Like any other average girl in her late teens,

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Book Review: I Owed You One

Title:  I Owed You One Language: English Author: Madhu Vajpayee Genre:  Contemporary fiction Publisher:  LiFi Publications Pvt. Ltd. (2018) ISBN – 10: 9386191288 ISBN-13: 978-9386191281 Binding: Paperback Price: Rs. 275 (Buy from Flipkart | Amazon) Pages: 258 Synopsis: A slow

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17 Tips for the Manipal Student!

Having joined a professional course, you may face a number of situations that place several demands on you physically and psychologically. Certain times one tends to feel too stressed out. That is the time a counselor would relieve your tensions