Nethrani Island

Nethrani is a small uninhabited island, 18 km southwest off a small fishing village Murdeshwar and is shaped like an upturned boat with some vegetation along the rocky outcrop. The island is famous for its Shiva temple and for having some of the best dive sites in world.

You can see everything from Turtles to Barracuda. The diversity of marine life here is truly amazing and great spot to watch Tiger sharks. August is the season when Tiger sharks come to Nethrani Island. Nethrani is also an excellent picnic spot.

The dive sites range from 6 to 40 metres deep and are famous for their clear waters (Visibility from 15 to 30 meters). Nethrani’s rich coral reefs are teeming with schools of marine life including Barracuda, Jacks, Snappers, Red tooth triggerfish, Indian Bannerfish, large shark like Cobia, Groupers, Honeycomb Moray Eels, Pufferfish and Napoleon Wrasse.

Nethrani Island, a coral reef, 18 km off Murdeshwar in the Arabian Sea, will be a national marine park, according to a proposal to be submitted to the Centre.

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