Five ways your real estate business can find funding in 2018 – Here’s what you should know!

Finding the right kind of funding for your real estate business can be a little dicey. People are tempted by the freedom that the job of real estate agents and realtors entail. It is true that real estate businesses need capital to kick-start just like any other business, but it is not necessary to fund it with money right out of your pockets. There are several ways to arrange for business capital, and you can pick more than one depending on your current requirements, qualifying criteria and fund amounts.

Thanks to the myriads of financing options, not knowing how to get started with real estate business due to lack of capital is not the reality anymore.

SBA loans: Small Business Administration loans are ideal for almost all kinds of businesses that need easy funding with amicable terms. The US Government helps out small business owners by extending SBA loan options to fund their ventures. Although, it can be quite competitive, it is a preferable method of ensuring fixed-rate financing.

Real estate crowdfunding: Crowdfunding exclusively for real estate businesses is a reality, and you can find dedicated crowdfunding platforms for realtors and real estate agents on the web quite easily. Crowdfunding brings easy and flexible deal terms along with a short waiting time. Amateurs and newbie professionals can find their break with the help of crowdfunding.

Commercial Loans: These are a lot different from the SBA loans. With these you can purchase, refinance, remodel or expand your business operations. Whether you want to invest in a new open house, or you want to check out an advanced realtor course in the next city, commercial loans can help you achieve your dreams in a short time at a low cost.

Realtor commission advances: This is not new, but the terms and conditions involving the funding of different businesses have evolved to suit the needs of the new real estate businesses. Realtor commission advance companies evaluate pending realtor commissions and pay an advance to the applicants based on a certain percentage of the advance. This is equivalent to asking for early access to the cash you have already earned. Therefore, it is quite different from existing loans and much more amicable regarding repayment options.

Money Partners: This is an option for new businesses that are strapped in for cash. Taking a new business partner for financing your business can have some pros and cons. While you will be able to share your business risks and expenses, you will also be sharing the business profits in the future. Decision making will no longer be a one-man-job. Most importantly, in a joint venture, each partner is individually and jointly liable for the other’s action.

These five methods are time-tested, and numerous real estate professionals have been relying on them for ages for getting their business in shape. Although there are two prominent ways to fund a business – debt, and equity, business owners across the world prefer debt since it involves fewer risks.

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