Change is constant. Really.

I am changing/have changed. Should I be worried? If you have grown up anywhere between 500 BC and the present,chances are you have been repeatedly subjected to the ‘change is the only constant’ sermon.Around 500 BC Greek philosopher Heraclitus proposed


We The Change – What Change?

Shakespeare was no apocalyptic soothsayer, but the Ides of March sure did bring along whimsical tides of insurgency in Manipal. The theme of Revels 2012 incidentally is synonymous with the happenings of the month. The rumbling roars of “Mighty Mighty

Art & Literature

The Warmth and the Heat

                The flames danced wildly, and consumed them all Letters, cards and pictures, once preserved so dear I ripped into morsels, while the beast gave a growl And then they were tossed, first