The Boomerang Effect

For years altogether I wondered whether the countless,endless debates on the concepts of ‘Karma’ made any sense. The crap you do today,will burn your ass some other day,and that life will provide each of us with sure shot justice- no […]

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Le Grande Saveur:French Food Fest 2014

Attention all foodies! Presenting an exquisite,delightful Food Fest to leave you tantalised. What’s more,it is for charity! Amchi Programme is an outreach humanitarian effort conducted in Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir, India. It is aimed at providing direct dental care to […]


The Dead End

All within the current sombre mood: What is the answer of the now-much-asked, million-dollar, most-sought-after questions? Why does rape occur? What is THE solution? For starters, it – A) can happen everywhere(even in the likes of ‘superpowers’ like USA) B) […]