Using Map Tools To Explore Australia

Photographer Ian Welch arrives in Australia hoping to capture stunning images to display in his next art show. In addition to his camera, food and water, his backpack contains map tools consisting of a field notebook and all-in-one map tool that includes the most common UTMs (Universal Transverse Mercator).

Ian’s first stop in Australia is Gantheaume Point. This unique and picturesque beach in Western Australia is considered a photographer’s dream. After arriving at the beach after a rough ride on a simple gravel road, Ian sets up his camera to capture the gleaming red rock white sandy beaches, lighthouse and dinosaur prints, visible only in low tide. Following the advice of locals, Ian plans to spend the entire day at Gantheaume Point to capture the array of colors that change rapidly throughout the day.

The next day brings another adventure. Using his map tools, Ian travels along back roads in a four-wheel drive to the Sacred Heart Church. He read that the Aborigines, Australia’s indigenous people, and the German priests stationed during WWI constructed the Sacred Heart Church. Entering the sanctuary, Ian gazes at the simple design of the building and enjoys the elaborate shell decorations adorning the altar. After photographing the beautiful church, Ian heads back to rest before another day of adventure.

As Ian’s days in Australia draw to a close, he considers how much more there is to do and see in the vast land. He daydreams about returning. Maybe next time he’ll try sailing, a passion of adventurer Matt Brooks of San Francisco he recently read about. While Ian packs up to leave, he thinks about displaying his landscape and church photos in his next art show.

About the Author: Delise K. Packers is from Melbourne, Australia.  She’s been advocating tourism in Australia since the past 15 years.

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