8 Changes Needed In Manipal

Tiger Circle: the crossroads of Manipal
  1. The rocket-engined buses raging on the roads..really! Dear drivers,at some heart-stopping moments(true especially,at the Tiger Circle) it seems like you are coming right for us.

    Tiger Circle Manipal
    Tiger Circle: the crossroads of Manipal
  2. The reluctance and at times even blatant refusal  by the Doberwomen/men open the hostel doors when combo-cards are unavailable. In times of urgency,this can be  nerve-wracking!
  3. The ridiculously outrageous fares demanded by some auto-wallahs..with full confidence and gusto. Bargaining in any way is mostly of little use,and ‘boss-ing’ around doesn’t help either!
  4.  The otherwise out-of-order-ATMs,which when working dispense nothing less than Rs 500. Now,not all of us can afford that kind of flamboyance can we?
  5. The child-beggars at Tiger Circle, who refuse to let go of you,with demands ranging from money to juices/drinks to puffs/buns. Childhood is a period meant for sound nurturing,hence an adequate full-time measure for these kids is essential.
  6. The ferocious crow-attacks which can happen when you are at blissful peace with that sandwich or puff and least expect it. Do crows never migrate?
  7. Come May-June,and the never-ending rains! My apologies to all ardent rain-lovers, but hey..anything in excess is bad,isn’t it?
  8. Not to forget,the rather infamous, sweat-it-all-out weather which precedes the rains and persists for a good-amount of time. Seriously,time we stop cutting trees here!

Do let me know what other things need to be changed and which things from the above list need to stay as is. I will petition the higher authorities for the same 😉


  1. These two as well:’Sleeping Policemen’ every few meters and ‘undulations’ on the road that runs from Sutta point to MIT.

  2. the campus patrol should stop wasting petrol coz they r of no use whn pplneed help ranging frm the autowallas whn they demand watever they want and during small accidents to eve-teasing. in both cases they sometime show-up n their reaction “you want to lodge FIR thn lodge but you will fall in trouble coz they r “locals” otherwise we warned them so let them go n thn they just ask u to write a complain..   ridiculous !!!!

    • true..  i dont understand why the minimum fare for auto is 20 in manipal while everywhere frm udupi to mangalore its rs. 17 ..  if they make excuse that ‘change problem’ then hw this 17rs system is succesfully wrkin in udupi n mangalore. Also very interesting to note that the Meter system is not followed in manipal coz students usually travel small distances by auto and they can charge straight away 25-30rs … 

  3. I even taught of investing in auto. Because its a good business in Manipal.

    First day I came form Udupi Railway station to Manipal. HE charged  100RS!!!!!!

  4. I get what you are trying to say and I agree with you. But 7 & 8? Seriously? What can you possibly do about the rain and the summer? And no, ‘not cutting trees’ is not a solution. It has always been like this. It’s called “tropical climate”.

  5. The monopoly of stationary shop should be stopped..i mean
    they never give any discount on any thing, every thing is sold at printed
    price..which is ridiculous …if manipal university allow to open CCD, coffee
    shop inside the library why they can’t open a stationary shop…where students
    can avail the things at cheaper rate.

  6. i don’t know why mit college authority invested lakhs of money in covering small canteen front side roof near mit library .Instead of tat they should be invested in roof covering footpath atleast starts from mit foodcourt to Nlh-3 block,it helps for students during rainy&summer seasons..

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