10 tips to take care of a dog in Manipal

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So, you’re looking to get yourself a dog and wish to know the best way to take care of them. With that mindset you’re already off to a great start. The first step lies in wanting to do the best you can for the sake of  your pet, which entails continuously researching how to best suit their needs while constantly trying to understand what’s right for them and how you can go about providing it.

We highly recommend you look into more specific guides depending on the breed of dog you have however, there are still some general things you can look at to get yourself started,

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1. Give Them Space

If you’re set on getting a dog please do ensure that you’re giving them a spacious enough environment to live in. Cramped 1bhks might work for you but for a hyperactive eternally curious bundle of fur not so much, taking them on walks isn’t enough while some breeds are more docile, as a general rule the place where they spend most of their day in ought to be enough for them to move around a fair bit at least.


2. Daily Walks

As mentioned above, dogs are curious and hyperactive little buggers and so going on walks is a social need for them. It’s far more than the much needed exercise they get from it, exploration and contact with other living beings beyond the ones they see daily is highly important. To draw a comparison it’s like our drive to go outside so we don’t feel like we’re losing touch with the world and sinking deeper into depression and isolationism.


3.Getting Them The Proper Nutrients

Veterinary consultation is imperative here. Dogs just like us have a metabolic system that needs energy and nutrients to keep functioning well. So, it’s important we know what to feed them and when to feed them and most importantly how much as overeating can be fatal by way of causing constipation amongst other ailments.


4. Hygiene

Take them to the groomer’s regularly, unlike cats, dogs need to be regularly bathed, groomed and declawed in order to reduce odds of contracting fleas, overheating etc. Do this from a young age so later on in life you don’t have to go through a tug of war and make life very difficult for the innocent groomer when your dog is terrified and screaming Bloody Mary or worst accidentally causing someone bodily harm for the sake of a simple but much needed wash, trim and a dry.


5. Vaccination

As newborns getting our shots is highly essential so we don’t contract any fatal illnesses early on in our lives which can lead to subsequent death or if we’re lucky becomming chronically ill for the rest of our lives. The same is true for dogs especially since they’ll be socialising with other dogs some of which will be strays who can carry these fatal viruses on them and as if directed by someone writing a perfect tragedy they also happen to be easily transmittable. So, get the puppies their shots, same is true for any adopted dog and don’t delay their yearly appointments as faltering immunity can be fatal all the same.


6. Pay Attention

Dogs need a fair bit of surveillance so if you have a busy lifestyle where you leave them alone for most of the day, it might not yet be the best idea to get yourself one. Without your words to chide and guide them god knows what they’d be eating, drinking or touching all day long, any of which can be quite detrimental to their health, remember the worst case scenario can become very real by way of ignorance no matter how unlikely.


7.Watch For The Rain

This is more of a regional tip, especially with how extreme monsoons in Manipal can be. Dogs can become Hypothermic much easier than humans so keep them inside and keep them warm, if you get a room heater make sure it’s somewhere it can’t harm the dog (keep it high up) and stay with your dog constantly as loud noises such as those originating from thunderclaps can be quite terrifying to them thanks to their sensitive hearing and can leave them shivering for a good while. Last but not least ensure that wherever they sleep is sufficiently warmed up with blankets to wrap them up.


8. Watch for the heat

Conversely have ample ventilation and cooling in your apartment during summer months whether it be by air conditioning (overuse can be harmful and also costly!), table fans, ceiling fans, open windows, air coolers( clean them out frequently or it can become a mosquito breeding ground that makes your dog’s life a stingy hell) etc during summer. Dogs have fur, fur allows them to retain much more heat which is fantastic for winter however during summer especially with a progressively worsening heat wave every subsequent season, not so much. So, they can become overheated quite easily if not given the proper hydration and ventilation.


9. Medical Care On Deck

Always be prepared for an emergency, it can go any which way at any given time, no matter how careful you are, and to facilitate the necessary care to give in a crisis you need to stay in touch with a vet, preferably close to where you live, so hit up google maps and get in touch with them first thing. Be sure to look at reviews extensively, after all this is a matter of your pet’s life or death.


10. Nothing beats good old love and affection

Being attentive is one thing but being affectionate is also important. Dogs need love whether you show it by pets, giving them treats, toys , using their toys to play with them, it matters not, whatever means available to you and whatever your dog associates with you showing affection is sufficient. Don’t get one if you can’t show it love. That’s the quintessential bottom line: you need love as a motivation to provide care, to keep vigilant and most importantly to fulfil a deeply important social need for them. Not as masters but as parents or friends to your pet.

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