Should You Get a Dog in College?

5 Reasons Not to Have a Pet in College

should you get a dog in college?

Picture this. You have had pets for quite many years. Probably since your childhood. You can’t imagine a life without pets. Time has come when you need to go to college to further your studies.

As much as college life is promising to bring a new set of adventures, you are wondering whether you should continue living with a pet or not. The truth of the matter has a pet in the college won’t be a walk in the park. Here are solid reasons why college students and pets don’t mix.

  1. College Life Is Unpredictable

College life is very unique. It is quite unpredictable. It is only in college years that you can do odd things without being questioned by anyone. You don’t have to follow a particular schedule. You can get out of the dormitory and come back any time that you want. You also don’t have to worry too much about the food that you should eat.

Put a pet in the equation and everything changes. You won’t enjoy the freedom that is associated with college life. Before doing anything, you will always be thinking about your pet.

Even if you strive to give your pet the ultimate care, you will be forced to compromise on many things. For instance, it will be difficult to abandon your class so that you take the pet to the vet. Also, the constant and unpredictable changes of your daily program can stress up your pet.

  1. The Housing Problem

Although it is underrated, pet housing can be a significant issue for a college student. The first nightmare that you are likely to face is dealing with roommates. You can only get a reprieve if you stay alone.

You may be unlucky to share a room with roommates who hate pets. Your pet will always be the primary source of constant squabbles. Even if they pretend to be enthusiastic about the animal, it will only be a matter of time before hell breaks loose. It will be challenging to find roommates who will accommodate your pet.

Some pets such as dogs can be quite noisy. The unwanted noise will always dominate your small living space. You may have to get the best anti dog barking device to calm down your dog. Still, in the matter of housing, most dormitories have strict policies with regards to keeping pets.

  1. Pets Are Expensive

Getting a pet is one thing, and maintaining is another. As a college student, a college student, you are entirely responsible for keeping the pet healthy. It all starts with the type of food that you give the pet. You will find yourself spending quite a right amount of money on the pet’s food.

If it is a dog, you will have to get buy the best dog food, such as Bella & Duke Adult Dog Meals. If the pet becomes sick, you will spend money on medication which entails visiting a vet. As a college student, it is unlikely that you are making some significant amount of money. Even the one that you are getting may not be enough for you. In short, a pet can cause severe damage to your financial status.

  1. Pets Are Messy

Do not be coaxed by the cute face of a puppy. Pets can be messy. There is a lot of work that you need to do to keep both the pet and your living space orderly. Pets can damage some of your valuables, poop in the house or go wild.

If you are to planning to study for an upcoming exam, forget doing it inside your room. Your roommates won’t be able to stand this behavior in a living space that they have paid for. It will be impossible to do so with your pet around. You won’t be able to enjoy calm and peaceful days.

  1. Impact on Your Social Life

Having a pet while in college can be detrimental to your social life. Apart from studying, you will dedicate all your time and energy to the pet. You won’t have time to spend with other students. Your relationship with other people such as roommates can be strained due to constant fights over the pet. You may end up becoming anti-social.

You may enjoy watching cute pets on YouTube. However, the scenario is different when it comes to keeping them. It is entirely unrealistic for a college student to keep a dog.

Instead of pets, you should focus on your studies and enjoy college life.

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