5 Easy Ways To Reduce Hair fall

Yes , many of us have been shocked by the harsh reality that hair doesn’t really stay on our head after a certain age . Since we cannot change our body’s ( over) reaction to it , all we can do is slow it down . Wondering , how could we possibly do that ? Just make these  5 simple changes in your lifestyle :-

Eat right

The saying that goes “ you are what you eat ” holds true here .  All girls ( & guys ) who dream of growing strong , healthy hair should make sure to include the following in their diet :-

  • Sprouted green gram
  • Mulitivitamin tablets
  • Food rich in iron like green spinach , dates , meat products , etc
  • Almonds
  • th (5)Dandruff control

Thanks to our comfort seeking behavior under the AC at all times , we have been generously blessed with showers of dandruff  (  AC  makes our scalp very dry ) . Here are a few natural hacks to reduce it  :-

  • Apply fenugreek powder to the scalp & wash it off after 30 mins .
  • Application of olive oil for 30 minutes
  • Pulp of aloe vera for 30 minutes have been known to reduce dandruff & have a soothing effect on the scalp .
  • Clean your comb at least once a week ( if possible after every time you comb )                               Dandruff                        loading_lg_w

Avoid heat

Its often impossible to keep yourself from blow drying your hair or ironing it especially if you have frizzy , curly hair . But daily refuge under these could lead to excessive drying of hair & can lead to easy breakage .

  • Cover hair while going out during the summer
  • Use a satin scarf or pillowcase
  • Minimize the amount of blow drying / ironing per week
  • th (7)


Some of us have a habit of shampooing our hair once in 2 days . This not only “cleans” our hair but also strips our hair of its natural moisture & oils required for its growth .

  • Limit the number of shampooing
  • Use a shampoo according to your hair type .


Stress is also known to cause severe hair fall . Its is difficult to not get stressed in a world which never seems to run out of ambitious competitors

  • Meditate for at least 10 minutes a day
  • If you c an’t set apart time for meditation , take deep breaths during your work hours .               th (6)

Take up a hobby you always wanted to follow but couldn’t like photography , writing , handicraft , etc.


But hairfall can also be due to  an underlying disease like hypothyroidism , anemia , Vit D deficiency  , etc . So make sure to get yourself tested if the hairfall is too severe .

We are all humans & tend to get envious of others . But make sure you thank God for what he has blessed you with among many who are not so privileged .


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