Kartalkaya: Alpine skiing in Anatolia

Located in the western Black Sea Region, southeast of the town of Bolu in the picturesque pine forests of the Köro?lu Mountains, the Kartalkaya Skiing Resort has conditions suitable for Alpine skiing, ski touring, and cross-country skiing.

The ski area is at an altitude of 1,850- 2,200m, and the region has a semi- temperate climate. The duration of the skiing season is 120 days a year. Kartalkaya and its surroundings are covered with forests, and has a dominant wind direction of west/northwest. The best season for skiing is from late December to late March, with an average 3m snowfall. At the beginning of the season the type of snow is ‘powdery snow, ‘ and at season’s-end the snow characteristic is slightly ‘slushy snow.’

There are two hotels, restaurants, swimming pools, discos and bars at the Kartalkaya Skiing Resort. Ski equipment and instruction is available. There are three ski lifts, six T-bars and three baby lifts, with 12 ski runs around 20km long. The slopes and mechanical equipment are supervised by experts. All hotels have first aid facilities and medically trained personnel.

Reaching Kartalkaya is quite easy. The distance from Bolu city center is 54 km and in addition to public buses and minibuses, most of the hotels organize shuttle service for visitors.

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