White t-shirt

“How about white?” she finally messaged after half an hour of getting her to say white t shirtwhat I should wear tonight. “Sure. See you at 9 beautiful”. Given how low most guys are at their “attire IQ”, I was no exception. Out of the garbage looking pile in my messy wardrobe I pulled out a white t-shirt with “Who is the rock victim” written on some crazy looking skull. I hate the magnetic charm of white cloths to dirt and hence I avoid wearing anything that is white besides I am more of a “the black” mentality.

“Alright don’t make a fool of yourself, let her do the talking, smile, don’t stare too much … damn I am forgetting everything …breathe in .. breathe out … stay calm..” I said to myself as I looked into the mirror before flashing the 30 candelas smile with the words “what’s up sexy”.

There she was looking absolutely gorgeous as always smiling at me. I caught her hand and we started to walk. Her cologne, mesmerising that it was, got me a bit high.

“I am hungry, I will eat, I will eat gimme gimme” were the words I heard when I came back to a rather different version of reality. The sounds were of children not more than 3 feet from ground and 3 cm distance from me where as the distance between me and her was 30 cm. “God not now please not now …” I cried to myself as I made a futile attempt at believing the existence of magic.

There laid a harsh decision in front of me, if I encouraged these kids they will come back and bug someone else and the people who got them here will make sure they do that and if I don’t then they are just 3 cm from me. Well in the name of God let me just ignore and walk my way… and then it happened.. one of them has my white t-shirt firmly between his dirty hands. “Great …”

As I swallow a ton of anger “breathe in … breathe out” is all I say to myself.

Later that night after dinner I wonder in bed that the kids are not to be blamed anyway they are doing what they have been taught…

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