The end of month guide to a cheap meal

I saw the guide to Manipal food, yes it covers the more succulent delicacies available in Manipal. but let’s face it, it’s food that leaves a hole in the pocket. It’s food that the majority of Manipal can’t afford day in and day out. So here’s what we used to eat towards the end of every month, when we had Rs. 1000 to get us through the last week.

1> Spice ‘n’ Ice: Chicken Hong-Kong Rice: a lot of rice, with two chkn gravies at Rs. 70. Best ordered around 3.30-4pm , since a light dinner is all that is required. two meals under Rs. 100.
Fast delivery (usually).
2> Famous/Regency: The cheapest burgers available in Manipal. They have Salami burgers at Rs. 30!!! Swift Delivery, though the taste is not all that great. Closes early, so leave it out of late night plans.
3> Domino’s : surprised eh?? but their 100 for 2 is quite the offer!! If you ahve a little extra order Cokes, split btw 2 ppl, and you will have a nice treat at a fairly acceptable rate.
4> Lipton/Nandini: Wai-Wai or cup-o-noodles. or for the more desperate, a bread and butter : Rs. 20, Tiger biscuits : Rs. 5!!!!!
5> Mess: when all fails, hit the mess temporarily. Sindhi is a great place in campus for MIT-ians. Dal & 4 rotis should come out around Rs. 40. Alternatively, sit there and eat a Bulls’ eye and Roti. Similarly, himalaya, Northy, Parmesh, Anupam, Paangal……..
6> LC (Little Chef; Road outside MIT campus) & BQ’s (Bachelor Qrts; behind KMC tennis courts, China Valley Road): Cold chkn sandwich at Rs. 30 or a Chikn Macaroni with extra Mayo – Rs. 70.Guaranteed fill for 4 hours minimum.
A word of warning though. Late night deliveries have become notoriously fickle. Most places take up to 2 hours to deliver & will often claim to not have the cheaper foodstuffs. So if you are short on cash, and think you may have to stay up, either plan or prepare to take a little walk to Timmy’s or Student’s point.
JC (9th block, MIT): It is not cheap!!! The parotas cost Rs. 20-25 each. Their stock is miserably low all the time too.
LC (Little Chef): It is not dirty!! It may be dark and dingy, but it is perfectly hygienic and has great food whenever open.
And yes, those packets hanging on trees outside the girls blocks are indeed food packets!!


  1. yeah…nice one!and LC is really good, esp the egg sandwich and egg frankie !and don't miss suresh mess, though its getting worse day by day.and BQ is one place i need to check out soonPS – timmi anna rocksss!

  2. hahaha…brilliant…
    love the tiger biscuit part…most of my sessional food was "maggi aata noodles" made at capus store…(no they NEVER cooked it! they just added hot water to a packet of maggi) and five rupee tiger or Parle-g.
    Personally prefer the latter, thr r more in number and u can share it with strays…
    remem biscuit, the white dog??? 😛

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