Vibgyor enlightens manipal

May not be as fascinating for everyone to get to see a rainbow but for me, it certainly is. Having stayed in the cement cities for most of my life, I got excited when vivek pointed me the rainbow, which from that angle , appeared to sit on the head of the girls hostel or to put it in a better way it was crowning the stars of manipal!! I relished that look for few seconds and …

… we headed of to parivar sweets. On the way , just quarter a kilometer from previous gathering point, we met the rainbow once again. This time a larger version as allowed by open fields in manipal. It was just awesome. unable to capture the whole of it, I was compelled to accommodate it in a small video attached here. To the best of my imagination , it appeared to cut a globe out of the big sky and the globe appeared as if seeing the Earth from the satellite.

The rainbow walked the ramp for more than an hr being kind to late noticers


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