Unfolding my LOVE…

I know not how, it happened to me,

I know not how, you have fooled me,

Away from these shores, I always float,

And yet I find you in my boat. 

You were to me, just another sight,

Then why this heart, clings to you tight?

To lose you now is beyond my might,

You are my life, my guiding light.

 My dreams today, are full of you,

Just you and me, in the misty dew,

Away from all these, worldly chores,

In grassy fields and flowery floors.

 I am yet afraid of what you think,

My dreams may shatter in just a blink,

This burden of sentiments is hard to carry,

That moment of decision, now cannot tarry.

 On my knees, I bend to you,

With all the hope that I can brew,

You are the love that my life seeks,

You are the song on my Soul shrieks.

The Sun behind is about to set,

The night’s calm pall, is about to melt,

Will I, this night, rest in your arms?

Or will this song lose all its charm?

 I see few drops in your eyes,

I sense one of your cutest sighs,

Is this the moment my exile dies?

Can you too see her smiling guys?


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