How to Know Is My Boyfriend Cheating Me?

Many among us usually start to point an accusing finger at our boyfriend because he simply said ‘hi’, and smiled innocently at the girl. Yes, there are possibilities that your boyfriend is cheating, but do not point fingers until you are fully convinced that he is, in fact, fooling around with another girl. After that, you simply can break up with him and find someone who is worth dating with. Easy. Manipal Monk has a few ideas to find if your boyfriend is cheating you.

First of all, if you think your boyfriend is cheating, do a full background check on the girl. No, I am not talking about her dark, deep secret and watch her every move. That, my friend, is called The Art of Stalking. And it is illegal. What I meant by the whole ‘background check’ is that you need to review her status on the School Food Chain. Example, if she is a geek and often embarrasses herself, it is highly unlikely. But when she is on top of the food chain, which is the popular, preppy students and she usually mess around with guys, not to mention that she dated about half of the school, flirt like there is no tomorrow, then I will have to say, it is highly likely.

After that is confirmed, do not jump to conclusions. Test him out a little bit, see how he reacts around you, and around that other girl who you thinks your boyfriend is cheating on you. If you find him uncomfortable and always making excuse to, possibly, ignore you or leave, he is likely cheating. If he does that to you, and you suddenly caught him and that girl in a room, chatting happily, this is the time where you step up from your hiding place. and strangle him to death while you’re at it.

Another way to know that your boyfriend is cheating is through your dates. If he keeps cancelling your date, because of the thing he rarely does or loathed to do like baby-sitting, studying, helping around the house, he is presumably lying. Look at his jaw too; a bad liar always clenched their teeth. Besides that, look if he is stuttering, mumbling or even sweating. A sweating palm is very likely if someone is lying, except if he have that easily sweating palm disease thing. His eyes are also important. If he notice you staring right into his eyes, he will squirm and started to stutter even more.

Hey, if you have a very good luck, you might catch him in the act too. Ask him to explain the whole situation. If he fails to explain, then you could straight away flip him off, before pouncing on him and punch him break up with him and find someone that is worth dating.

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