Top 10 Undergraduate Universities in USA for pursuing Political Science

Political Science is a vast discipline and students who opt for this field study numerous topics related to the political system. While pursuing your graduation in political science from USA you will learn various topics, such as how political power is distributed, how different governments function, how government creates new rules and how does it successfully enforce them. Some students also choose it because it is the best way to understand the different political systems and psychological notions of people who create new rules. Students also study institutions such as legislature, courts, and bureaucracies. They get an opportunity to study judicial processes and constitutional issues. They also study political system of other countries to understand how their political system works and how their system is different from others.

Most of the students who study bachelors in political science can make their career in legal services or work as political researcher or analysts. A well recognised degree and a good course work enables you to make a promising career in this field. Students can choose an undergraduate degree considering their professional needs. One should not select a college because it is a good college or ranked among the top ten or twenty colleges in USA, but one should consider points like whether college is offering you best curriculum and training to meet your professional requirements, is the college offering you most updated curriculum, is the degree well recognised and accredited, is the programme affordable, and what are the career option available after completion of the programme?

Here is the list of top 10 undergraduate colleges for political science from USA:

College Admission deadlines Test score requirements Location
Harvard University November and January SAT and IELTS Cambridge, MA
Stanford University November and January SAT and TOEFL Stanford, CA
University of Michigan February, October and November SAT, TOEFL or IELTS Ann Arbor, MI
Yale University January SAT, TOEFL or IELTS New Haven, Connecticut
University of California-Berkeley January SAT and TOEFL Berkeley, CA
Columbia University November and January SAT, TOEFL and IELTS New York, NY
University of California-San Diego November and January SAT and TOEFL Berkeley, CA
Duke University October and January SAT and TOEFL Durham, NC
Massachusetts Institute of Technology September and January SAT and TOEFL Cambridge, MA
University of Chicago November SAT and TOEFL Chicago, IL

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