Top 10 Biriyanis this festive season!


What is celebration without good food? With Dusshera and Eid ul Adha being celebrated this week, and for those of us food lovers who cannot waste a holiday without treating our stomachs, here’s a list of the most sought after biriyanis that Mangalore has to offer  in no specific order:

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1. Chicken Biriyani at Guthus for your standard dum Biriyani.images (2)

2. Chicken Hyderabadi Biriyani at Corals, Ocean Pearl.

3. Chicken Ghee Roast Biriyani at Mangalas is just mind blowing.

4. Chicken Tikka Biriyani at Palkhi for those who love spice.

5. Mutton Biriyani with ‘saalan’ at Bombay Lucky a cheaper yet delicious alternative.

6. Mutton Biriyani at Aromas, Deepa Comforts again for spice lovers.images (1)

7. Prawn Biriyani at Gajalee is very enticing.

8. Seafood Biriyani at Summer Sands for seafood lovers.

9. Egg Biriyani at Juice Magic, delicious and worth the price.

10. Andhra Biriyani at Andhra House, Bejai for some sakkath spice!


So there you go, the only thing left is to get out there and indulge your taste buds into Mangalore’s finest!


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