Late Night Work!

As promised, a whole Percy Jackson Fanart Sketchdump 😀 Mainly the girls, because I suck at drawing guys. Also mainly head-shots because I have poor sense of anatomy and I don’t want to embarrass myself in front of so many doctors-to-be :P.

Camp Half-Blood Girls… 🙂 I like Rachel the most 😀 Also three different versions of Thalia, cos she’s cool and I was trying to figure out which was the best way to portray her Punk style 😀
Thalia Grace \m/
A.K.A Miss Badass 😛
Praetor Reyna and some doodles and some random Theory of Structures notes.
Haaaaaazel 🙂 And rough space frame sketches -.- I hate building construction.
Piper…. I like the sound of her appearance. The whole Native Indian-feathers-and-braids, hippy, bohemian kinda style.
Annabeth-Daughter of Athena…. <3


So lately in  college, I’ve been falling asleep in class (and drooling over my sheets or whoever is unfortunate enough to sit next to me ^^”) and walking around in a horrible mood. I dunno. I guess work is getting to me. And feeling very Very VERY homesick. It’s been around three months but it feels like a year.

Diagram 1: Front elevation of Me in class
Diagram 2: Front Elevation of me after someone wakes me up in class. Usually persists till I go back to sleep at night. Storm clouds above head not to scale and may vary in colour and intensity depending on level of exhaustion.

Architecture is sucking out my soul through my nostrils >.<

Also, this whole work overload has got me eating like there’s no tomorrow.  I think it’s kind of a standard student characteristic-to immediately feel hungry once they open a book to study. Right? RIGHT? I mean, as soon as I open my Autocad file, all my brain can think of is Food. My bus terminus design looked like a hamburger, subconsciously influenced by my cravings 😛 -.-. I kid you not.  Of course I had to change it later, since the burger shape wasn’t practical. All it did was make me hungrier :'(

What goes on in my mind as soon as I start work. And nearly EVERYTHING else looks thrice as much interesting as my poor ignored work files do,

In the end, I get my work done though, after late sleepless nights and random weight gain from excessive snacking. It’s a pain in the derriere, but I guess we gotta learn to live with stress right?

Favourite artist of the week: The Awesome Burdge-Bug 🙂 More incredible HP and PJ fan-art!

Also do send in any other articles, photographs or any other contributions to [email protected] 🙂

And any suggestions for comic strip topics in the comments below will be very much appreciated 😀 !



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