A step downstream

The uploaded image is of detached tube of washing machine in our hostel.There were three of them in our lobby and all are taken away.Apparently be cause of overuse and it was causing too much of maintenance costs(information is from unofficial sources).Now I really wonder why the cost should bother, be cause anyway its gonna be deducted from the yearly utility charges we pay(as far as I know).

Private laundry men are of course there but some of the clothes say handkerchiefs, socks and undergarments they don’t accept.So now the doctors in our hostel have to spare 2 hours on Sunday for that purpose.The show starts from 10 am in the morning and continues till 12 pm without any advertisement in between.All are cordially invited.Venue-NBQ hostel bathrooms.Please do come


Here I have to admit that majority of the hostels in India do not provide these facilities but thats what makes manipal famous at world level and pulling yourself down the level be cause others are there doesn’t make sense!Plus the reason-overuse and maintenance- is not justifiable.Maintenance is part and parcel of any electronic gadget.I have taken the snap of a water cooler for remembrance with the fear that it also might be taken away saying that we drink too much of water!!


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