Is It Just Simple Affection Or Crush Or Really Love?


Many teenagers have some strong feelings inside them but they are not sure if this is just a simple affection, or a crush or really love. Love actually gives very strong feelings, much more than a simple affection or crush. Manipal Blog has listed below some ways by which you can find out if you are really in love : –

Are you happy if your partner is happy? If you feel that happiness every time you see smiles in your partner’s face, then you are truly in love. Do you care about your partner just like you would care for someone who is very very close or your family member? If you get sad when your partner is sad or you get all crazy and tensed if something happens to him or her, then you are in love for sure.

Love is all about caring and sharing. Do you share all your secrets with your partner? Have you ever felt like sharing your biggest secret which you haven’t told to even your closest friends but to him or her only? Love makes a teenager totally surrender and makes teens feel like pouring their heart out.

Can you go on talking to your partner for hours after hours non stop without getting bored? Usually if you talk to someone a lot, then you will get bored after a while. But if you are in love, then you would always have something to talk to. You can never get bored but just go on like forever.

Do you sacrifice for your partner? This is one of the best ways to find if you are truly in love. Those who are in love will be ever ready to sacrifice something for their partners. Love is all about sacrifices and compromises and if you are really in love, then you would not mind being committed to make sacrifices for your love.

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