Body building

Snaps taken immediately after I returned from gym after extensive workout of more than 2 hrs yesterday.(I won’t say how I am feeling write now!!This is the best, or probably worst peculiarity of heavy exercises.You feel extremely good on the same day and the next day you live on analgesics.Though I didn’t take any today).With virtue of well bone structure, I need not put much effort to look good.
But I have seen people putting a lot more as if gonna attend and win some body building competition.If that is the reason than its worth otherwise extensive workout has more of adverse than good effects.The major part is that one cannot continue it for day it has to be stopped and very quick deterioration follows(courtesy-Jwalit my room-mate).The advice is – switchover to some sports that you can play till late age.Anaerobic exercises are not good just for fitness.
Snaps are taken by myself as no-one in boys hostel was interested in my photo session.especially this ones!!Jealous people!!


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