ManipalBlog top 5 Holi Songs from Bollywood Movies

An Old picture of Holi celebrations at Kamath Circle MIT Manipal

Holi is often called the “Festival of Colours”. Groups of friends gather to throw brightly coloured water and powder over each other. It is a joyful event where all those participating will expect to become very messy but activities are all conducted in a light-hearted way and seen as an opportunity to make up with friends and relatives that have become strained.

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An Old picture of Holi celebrations at Kamath Circle MIT Manipal

There are songs which are solely dedicated to this festival of ecstasy. Bollywood is especially deft at doling out music chart busters dedicated to Holi that are both foot tapping and energetic, in line with the mood of the day.

Here are the ManipalBlog top five  Holi songs which you just would not be able to resist dancing to on Holi.

Number 5 : Dekho aayi holi  from the movie Mangal Pandey. This movie stars Aamir Khan in the role of the protagonist. This foot tapping number became a hit but the movie bombed terribly at the box office and was one of the rare failures for Aamir Khan at the box-office.

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Number 4: Arey ja re hat natkhat  from the movie Navrang. The movie, by V.Shantaram, released in the year 1959,  is a classic and so is this melodious number. The literal meaning of ‘Arey ja re hat natkhat is ‘,  the mischievous, leave me and go!  The song, sung by a girl, describes her playfully asking the boy to have mercy on her and leave her instead of coloring her all over her body.

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Number 3: Soni Soni Ankhiyo wali  from the movie Mohabbatein. The movie was one of the top hits of the year and this song is an evergreen favorite. Starring Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan, the movie portrays the traditional clash between tradition and love. This sparkling track from ‘Mohabbatein’ breathes an air of romance and adds to the merriment, the very spirit of Holi!

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Number 2: Ang se Ang Lagana from the movie Darr. This naughty and playful track from ‘Darr’ adds zing to the hues of Holi and is a flawless depiction of showering colours of love on each other.

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Number 1: Rang Barse  from the movie Silsila. The song “Rang Barse Bhige Chunarwali” which Bachchan sings during the film is said to be one of India’s best known folk songs. The literal meaning of ‘Rang Barse ‘ is- Color rains!  The song is beautiful and catchy and describes the playful yearnings of a man for his lover.

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Did we get this wrong? What songs do you think need to be in the top 5? Let us know in the comments.

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