stop LOOK go

A board which is often unliked and very frequently disregarded especially when you find it near railway crossing or some traffic signal while rushing to the office. But you see, its location matters a lot as to how is it respected by bypassers. Classic example is here in manipal. To control rash biking and harrassment to girls , Varsity people have got these boards placed at every corner of the roads. Kept darmant during daytime, they hit the middle of the road at around 8 giving shiney reflections to rapidly approaching headlights, with the hope that they may slow down.All don’t succeed but few of them definitely get the due respect, the ones right in front of the girls hostels!! No wonder. Who wouldn’t want to stop and look around when asked to do so in front of girls hostel that too after 8 pm?? 🙂

ist2 5682571 old stop look go sign in black and white

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