Linda Goodman – the sun signs

It often happens that people don’t know what they are or how do they behave until they are told about. At least with me , it did happen and I recognised some of my characteristics and instincts after reading A Piscian man in the very famous book on sun signs by Linda Goodman.After finishing seminars on Saturday me and my colleague Dr Anil Babu were a kind of exhausted of studies and engaged our minds again into reading but something different and a lot more interesting than academics.Reading about ‘how am I?’ in itself gives a thrill and provides an explanations of what has or hasn’t happened in your life till now.

Typical Piscian men are smart in playing quirks for one or the other reason and I have been doing it since maturity, of course , though , for some one’s goodwill only.And was getting interior sense of pride for them but as Linda says its a part of being piscian.A fact.Though not so pleasant to be devoid of credit of being smart , its a fact.

In another book of Linda Goodman ‘The love signs’ I found a reason for something which hasn’t happened.Piscian is a fish and Leo is a sign of lion.A fish conquering a lioness seems a theoretical impossibility.Understandably , my arrows targeted to Leo girls have broken miserably.(I haven’t succeeded in wooing girls of other sun signs also by the way, but that’s a different issue.I at least have reason for being unsuccessful in Leo girls.Its not my fault. its my sun sign’s fault!!

All in all , both the books are fairly accurate, about 70% matched with me.And considering the differential effect of genes and environment on each individual , 70% is definitely praiseworthy.Quite a difficult language and long sentences , I consider to be ‘not so good’ aspects of them.If you get time, go through it.In fact one should find time for it.Its knowledge with fun

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