The World has ended!

end nigh

Quote End of The World “What are your feeling on the end of the world? Do you think it’s near? What would you do if you knew the end was coming for sure in the next 24 hrs.? ” I just want to know.

And for the person who Googled, “Is the World really going to end or is this a lie?” I promise you, one day your world will end. The world will likely continue to go on. Really, do people think that they are going to find those answers on the internet? Some Doomsday group out in California said that today was going to be the end of the world. It’s just a poorly conceived hypothesis. Like gravity.

I think I would, you know, tell a lot of secrets. Cause there are some things you want no one to know but it wouldn’t matter anyways.


  1. You still have about 10 more hours. Apparently, Camping said the rapture isn't until 6pm Eastern time (referring to the -5 timezone). Adjust it to your location. Plan to party. I'll be working. I expect to go to work tomorrow also.

  2. Has your world ended yet? Mine is 100% guaranteed to end tomorrow. The football season finishes.

  3. In some parts of the world, it's already Sunday — and there hasn't been any sign that the end of the world was starting as predicted. But you already knew that'd be the way it went down, didn't you?

  4. Yes – the world is beginning to be destroyed – one time zone at a time.

    Here's a photograph from the Hubble space telescope a few minutes ago:

    The World is being Destroyed

    In an hour, the destruction zone will swallow up the next time zone, an hour later, another, and so forth.

  5. Nope. Still here. I just checked ABC (our National broadcaster) news; no mention of earthquakes. Everything's normal where I am: it's a bit too cold to be bothered going into town to check the cemetery for unusual activity 🙂

    Someone with the username Jesus Christ Cometh has been posting that it won't happen until 6pm US Pacific time. (I don't know if he really believes it or is a Poe). I guess the believers won't give up until it's past midnight on May 21st on every last speck of land in the world.

    There's a Yahoo group called Latter Rain that's been following this stuff for ages (like 10 years), and even they don't seem any too clear on when it's meant to happen. I wonder what will happen to the group on Monday.

  6. I always find what Jesus Christ says to be of enduring value and power.
    I see that you and many, many others are more interested in the words of men who disregard Christ.

  7. Well. Tell that to my neighbour she asked me Have you seen Kevin? (her husband) I already knew where he was (at the pub with some friends). So I said to her. Well it is 10 past 6. Probably the Rapture took him away. Rapture? what Rapture? I shall give some Rapture when he comes back". So I went to the pub to warn Kevin told the story. Every body was laughing. I tell you what. Good excuse this Rupture. better than being abducted by Aliens and then return back to Earth.

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