Sarikamis: Alps’ crystal snow in Turkey

In the eastern Anatolia region 55km southwest of Kars, the Sarikamis Ski Resort is on Mt. ?Camurlu at an altitude of 2,634m, and is renowned for its good quality of snow. Sarikamis and the surrounding area have suitable conditions for Alpine skiing, ski touring and cross country skiing.

The skiing area is between the altitudes of 2,100 and 2,634m, within the pine forests, and has one of the longest skiing tracks of the world. There is an average depth of 1.5m and is quite typical of Alpine conditions. It has a terrestrial climate, with a dominant southwesterly wind direction. One of the most important characteristics that distinguish Sarikamis from other tracks is the type of the snow and its natural beauties. Crystal snow, which is extremely convenient for skiing and found normally in the Alps, is found in Sarikamis. Although most of the year is sunny, the snow remains the same as the first day and gives skiers the pleasure of skiing in safety.

Sarikamis Ski Resort is 60km southwest of the center of Kars, and 50km from the airport. It is also accessible from Erzurum airport, southwest. There are direct buses to the ski resort from the Kars and Erzurum airport.

There are four hotels, two government guesthouses, and other private accommodations. Ski instructors and equipment is available for rent. The center has first aid facilities and medical facilities. The slopes and mechanical equipment are supervised by experts. There are two ski lifts and one T-bar, plus two 4-seater T-bars.

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