St Mary’s island-2

Our stay on the island proper was not long but a bit adventurous and enjoying.We took just 5 minutes to reach the opposite end realising how small it is!But it was the feeling of being covered by the sea all around which mattered rather than the size.Continuous water flows and blows made the rocks smooth and shiny.The theme of color difference between two adjacent rock is never understood by me.And it was no exception this time.Least concerned with color, Vivek was enjoying angry mood of sea from safe height.


Below is the reason why people say I am rocking!!(actually no one says so but that is the reason why I, myself, have to do the job of praising!! )


My mini adventure was to reach the highest point of the island and touch the Indian flag waving over there, which I did with few good, ‘full of enthusiasm’ jumps and runs over rocks,


An awkward creature broken into two, helped us to spend our five minutes in R & D!!


I have been frequent victim of blasts & curses of watchmen of kids’ garden.I enjoyed the freedom there and had few big sways on the swing.Though this time also I received curses from the swing itself in the form of metallic noises!!Probably it was running out of capacity


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