Teacher – Sugandha Bhandari

Never knew I could love you, just because you loved me.
But now I do,
Never knew you were the one, meant to be.
But now it occurred, suddenly.
Why did I miss you the most when you left?
I never missed those, whom I thought I would, the most…
Never pined for them, where ever they might be
But, waited for you, endlessly …
Day and night, your thoughts passed me by
Until I knew there was nothing more to know
Denied it as friendship, hid it as concern
Cloaked it under the garb of fondness
And it hit me in my face today …
Why did I stop myself, when today I know there is no end?
To this helpless feeling called love…
It lay hidden somewhere within
And now is ignited, by the warmth of your touch.
So take me, like you never dared to before
And teach me; how you made “love” love me
The rarest art, on this earth.

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