A Safe & Sound Train Journey: How?

When talking about train journeys, it is always better to take the precautions than to complain later on.

No matter your work, study or runs a business; there are some precautions that are always helpful. When talking about train journeys, it is always better to take the precautions than to complain later on. Indian Railways indeed has advanced a lot in recent years.

Today there are different facilities, features, and options that can be used to make your traveling experience absolutely comfortable. Whether you want to know about the train berth availability or tickets; you have the platforms to check it out effectively and without any hurdle. But what about you’re personal safety and that of your luggage? Below are a few tips that are really handy and effective to make your journeys absolutely safe and sound.

Board the train in time

If the train is standing on the platform, and you are thinking that you would get inside once it is about to start, then you need to rethink. Yes, it is really important that you get into a train well in time. Most of the times, it has been seen that the coolies, hawkers, or relatives of passengers get into or get out of the train when it is about to leave. In such instances, there gathers a lot of rush on the door, and as a result, you might fall down or get a scratch. People sometimes steal the items from your pocket or luggage when in so much of rush. So, it is better to get into the train well before it starts.

Don’t rely on any one

Maybe you find a person sitting next to you really sweet and polite, but that does not mean it is a green flag. There are always people around you who are there to take an advantage of you. They engage you in their oily talks and at the right time make the best of the moment. There is no need to leave your luggage in their care or simply eat anything from them. You might be thinking that eating advice is something that your parents used to give you when you are a child, right? But on train this advice is applicable for everyone. You have to be triple sure about the actions you take while you are on board. If you feel that there is only a single fellow and he or she cannot do anything then you are mistaken. Usually, these fellows are in long chains. They have their network and they work in groups. Maybe a person is looking at you and the other one is following you and so on?

Is food okay?

If you are carrying food along, that is the perfect thing. Then, if you have ordered food and you got it on the way and the food is sealed and hot; that is also good. But if you are taking food items from the hawkers who sell food on the train, you need to be extra careful. You need to find out if the food they are catering is sealed, covered and hot or not. Mostly the snacks or food items with them is not covered, and they hand it to you right from their hands. Don’t forget that they use the same hands to climb the train and open the doors with the same hands. So, you got the point right?

So, keep these things in mind and your train journeys will always be safe and sound!

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