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The process of studying at a university level and growing up at the same time tends to be a challenging process in the life of many young people in current times. The combined effect of the academic stress with emotional trauma, peer pressure, homesickness and other factors can more often than not cause harmful effects resulting in the much known about cases of drug abuse, poor performance (in academia) and the like. It is also not rare to hear of increasing suicide rates among students due to such contributing factors.

Action Expresses Priorities – M.K.Gandhi

Many different ways are employed by different students faced with such scenarios; and many solutions and advisory warnings are issued by the older generation on these issues, but the core requirement in the life of any student to achieve is prioritization. The word priority is often thrown around randomly, and often even used out of context. But in simple terms, it basically involves placing issues and tasks in our daily lives in an order of importance.

From those matters of utmost importance of our basic needs and targets and ambitions down to leisure and recreational activity. Setting priorities and undertaking tasks in such an order has aided man for a very long time and is a skill employed by local small-scale workers and people down to scientists, surgeons, presidents and preachers.

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Priority word cloud

Priorities tend to also undergo changes depending on situation and scenario and hence the practice of always maintaining our priorities along the appropriate situation is one of high beneficial value. Priorities also vary from person to person, where health related issues like physical fitness may stand stronger than academic achievement; or where some are very family oriented while others are more inclined to their friends. The basic beauty of prioritizing and undertaking life’s many tasks is that it tends to aid in time management and contribute to a balance in the individuals life. One finishes all the required and has time for friends, leisure and recreation too.

Another thing to keep in mind is that setting priorities doesn’t necessary only involve studying or family or health; as at times a person may become a priority or a certain matter at hand. So correct estimation and evaluation of one’s own lifestyle and the setting of priorities tends to help out in more ways than one. Also, a consistent commitment to the set priorities is of utmost importance and goes hand in hand as it involves the implementation of our plans and missions.

So, it’s time to sit down, and list out what matters to you the most and rank and prioritize your life to achieve a balanced consistent and orderly life…unless of course like me, your priority is chilling 🙂


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