Predator or Prey by Swayam Vaibhav

Prowling in his vast expanse,
Waiting for the seamless score, the perfect chance,
Waiting for the impeccable choice,
Patience here is essential.

Eyes remain focused.
Vigilant on the whole crowd but not fixed,
Darting from one option to another,
Observation here is crucial.

Steps are silent,
Feet touch ground where leaves are absent,
They don’t need to be told, they know.
Tranquillity is everything.

Ears are alert,
Aware of things that are around and about,
Responsive to an imminent threat,
Safety requires warning.

On this land,
His ancestors ruled enjoying a good game,
And feasting on the spoils,
Past was splendour.

It’s a trap,
He knows the kill will be too easy.
Looking around he senses peril,
Present is brutal.

No trees above,
For a trap to fall, but ample more site,
Where enemy can hide.
Future is dubious.

Now is the time.
The catch looks better than the former,
That is now 5 days old,
Hunger is growing.

Sprint and seize.
His growling stomach speaks, against his mind.
Essential is the food ahead,
But is it worth risking?

Taking a step in front,
Still unsure if he should grab or flee.
But then he realises,
The prey is me.

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