Ilgaz: Excellent location for Skiing, especially for beginners

The Ilgaz Mountains are in the Black Sea region, in the city borders of Kastamonu and ?Cankari, and have an altitude of 2,850 meters.

The region has a terrestrial climate, and the dominant wind direction is north-northwest. The skiing season runs between December and April. The snow is between 1-2m deep, and the ski runs are between 1,800 and 2,000m. Ilgaz has an extensive range of tracks for the beginner, through intermediate to the more advanced skier.

The Ilgaz ski resort lies 40km from Kastamonu and 73km from Cankiri. Tour buses and private vehicles make the journey from the center of Kastamonu.

There are five government guesthouses and two hotels at the resort, with another hotel 3km away. There are facilities for medical care, plus ski instructors and equipment for hire. There is a double- seated ski lift, two ski-lifts and T-bar, and a baby-lift. Besides winter sports, this national park is a popular and beautiful spot all year round.


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