Pollution Control Through Neem

Neem is one of the most popular, auspicious and well-known trees which is more extensively studied for its pharmaceutical and clinical properties. It is more famous for its agricultural, industrial and commercial values.

Since the last few years neem is getting extraordinary popularity across the world. The products and preparations of almost every part of neem are used as sail fertilizers, insect repellant, insecticide, animal fodder, dye, wax, fuel, lubricant, soap, mouth hygiene products and it finds a unique place in Ayurveda, and in siddha and unani medicines.

This is sufficient testimony that Nimba is called a domestic doctor in India due to its common availability and wide efficacy, and that is why, it has got its proverbial reputation in society that calls it the Kalpavriksha of the earth.


In Ayurvedic literature neem is described as Nimb and there are more than 30 different synonyms discussed according to its characteristics.

The neem tree gives healthy life therefore it is called as Paribhdra. It also helps in eradicating different types of skin disorders and hence is called as Pichumard. Since it has so side effects it is called Arishta. Neem is also called as Hingu Niryas as it produces a exudate-like hing (asafoetida). Neem is bitter in taste so it is known as Tiktik.

The role of neem tree in controlling water, air and land pollution is wonderful. Neem is a natural resource to keep the environment clean and healthy. It exhales out oxygen and keeps the oxygen level in the atmosphere balanced.

Burning neem leaves in the compound prevents insects, mosquitoes, germs, etc.

This is the only tree which can be used for resting during night-time as the tree gives out oxygen during night-time also.

Extract of neem is used along with DDT as it helps to purify the polluted air.

Neem is also useful in case of water pollution. Roots of neem tree go deep inside the soil and purify the water sources and if these trees are present along the side of a river, lake or well, they prevent water pollution.

Neem oil mixed with coconut oil when applied externally gives complete protection from mosquito bites for nearly 12 hours.

Pesticides made from neem are not harmful as compared to the chemical pesticides.

Also the honey obtained from the neem tree have more medicinal properties.

In India, neem has been a very popular tree for nearly thousands of years. In olden days every one was aware of the usage and utility of neem in day to day life. It is time that we should know how important the neem is to our life. Neem is a wonder tree for solving global problems ie, natural, eco-friendly, economical and a miracle.

Botanical info:  Class: Magnoliophypsida; Order: Sapendales; Genus: Azaderachta; Species: A. Indica; Names: Margosa, Nimba, Neem, Veppalai.

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