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Each person has a story of their own, so before judging them we should know why they are like they are today. Presenting you with the story of “Surabhi” today, who realized few things in life after joining a college, meeting new people and getting interested in Photography.



Let’s see what she has to tell, in her own words:

It was the time when I got admission into Manipal University MSc Course, I was very happy because my family didn’t expect that I would get admission here. But on the other side I was scared too of coming to a new place. My parents and relatives used to say “how you will survive there alone, so far from us?” I pleaded them to come here and assured them that I can take care of myself. My parents were still not convinced but my grandfather agreed, and here I was very happy again.

I happily packed my bags and reached here on 12th July, early morning at Udupi Station. I don’t think I can ever forget that moment. It felt like I was in heaven. Cool breeze, droplets of rain, hot tea at station and greenery all around !Ah! For me, it was the beginning of a new chapter in my life. As soon I reached the EDU building, I was elated after seeing the magnificent architecture, students walking on the streets with their colorful umbrellas. I saw at my dad’s face and I could see, there was a sense of happiness and pride that her daughter had got admission in such a great college. That day is still fresh in my memory.

Anyways, I joined the college, started the first day after visiting the Ganesha temple. After few days I got the lesson that, “You have to care for yourself, there is no one to care for you”. If somebody has some work then he/she will show so much love, otherwise they will not even say “hi”.

i saw the “hostel life” for the first time. I used to keep myself aloof, because I was kind of scared of losing friends now. Whenever I used to feel alone, I used to go and sit in KMC greens and used to think about everything I did the whole day and it kept on for a few days. After that I made myself strong and put my heart and soul into studies. I used to sit till late in library. Made some new friends, got a nice friend circle, I was actually feeling nice about myself and it was a nice experience.

And then I started photography and people liked it too! They used to praise my work and then I made many new friends. I was very happy after that and I love photography because:

– It has made me a better person; I have learnt to accept things as they are, even if they are not in my favor

– I see things in a way I did not see them earlier, makes me see the details I could not see before

– I can communicate powerfully through the medium of visuals as it allows me to visualize my imagination

– I can bring smiles to a lot of faces, even after I am gone

– It really makes me think, It keeps my heart and mind playing even while I’m at work

– It gives me a reason to live and have a real taste of life

– The Black and white world is the most colorful

– It made me realize that beauty is only skin deep

– It teaches me the beauty of being in the moment

– It allows me to be myself

– The joy of making a perfect frame cannot be put down in words.

My photography impressed a lot of people. They think that I am a professional but in fact, its just my hobby. After starting photography, I had my identity in Manipal. Whenever people used to meet me, they would say, “Nice photography Surabhi, keep it up and good luck.” Apart from that my friends who used to do photography also helped me in developing the essential skills.

Manipal has changed me a lot. After meeting people from different city, states, countries, and knowing about their lifestyle and culture has helped me to grow as an individual.

As I write this letter, I have already left the beautiful city called Manipal 5 days back and I miss that place like anything. Hoping to return there again soon, fingers crossed for results!  😉

So guys, photography is not just something that is just “oh! So techie stuff”, but it is much more than that. It helps you to not only discover your hidden talent but also helps you discover your inner self and instills confidence in you. So, the next time when you go out, don’t hesitate to click a picture, who knows that you discover yourself in that photograph.

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