Pegasus 2013 – We Went, We Saw, We Conquered!

On the 23rd of July 2013, a team representing KMC Mangalore set off in the evening via the Chennai Express train to the Christian Medical College,     Vellore for Pegasus, the annual inter-college festival involving different literary events and fine art performances.1 (13)

After a long journey involving breaking the ice, settling and adjusting into the rickety train, gobbling down snacks from different sources, some card games and a lot of talk, mischief and gossip, the team arrived in CMC Vellore in all their glory in the morning on the 24th of July, Wednesday.

Preparations kicked off from every department, and after registration and accommodation arrangements were sorted out, the team set out to adjust to the area and get to know their surroundings and of course, competitors. Greeted by cheerful and cooperative students from CMC, the proceedings were generally smooth although the walking all around the huge campus surrounded by greenery took getting used to.

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It wasn’t too long before the schedules were revealed and the information regarding the different events was given out. Respective preparations began, as different members of the KMC Mangalore team got involved in some event or the other, while using spare time to explore the food court, where a variety of stalls were set up serving mouthwatering dishes and cooling drinks. As the literary events began, with small amounts of time intervals between them, the other members of the team began the organization and preparation for the fashion show and the Eastern dance, both of which were events signed up for.

In a span of four days of spread out events, the KMC team was in action, tackling obstacles, helping each other out and achieving greatness. It wasn’t long before the speakers were blaring out the names of winners after every individual event and the sign boards were put up, and joy and happiness surrounded the team having clinched a number of prizes and winning spots as KMC seized First place in the Fashion show, Nail art, Mehandi, Face Painting, Clay Modeling, Debate and Rangoli; Second place in Eastern Classical Dance, Nail Art, Poster Making and Sketching and Third place in Crossword, Dumb Charades, Pictionary, Nail Art and Debate.


In addition to the main events, there was always time to involve in the games present in the informal area where water balloon throwing competitions to tug of wars based on challenges made the crowds hold their breath. Another informal feature was the Paintball war games, where every gamer’s Call of Duty and Counter strike skills were put to the test.

Finally, the last day came to an end, and the evident sadness and gloom was present on every face amongst the team for besides the amazing experience Pegasus had offered, the bonds made along the way amongst the team, between the seniors and juniors, and the times of fun and laughter, including the celebration of a birthday one of the nights were memories that would last forever in every one of the individuals.

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Having packed their bags, collected all the awards, and with joyful spirits but heavy hearts, the trip back to Mangalore began on Saturday night, ending on Sunday on arrival in Mangalore. The Pegasus 2013 KMC team met with the Dean of the college in the coming week to receive congratulations on the amazing performances, as this year was the record breaking year where KMC had accomplished more than ever before in the Pegasus event.

The five days came to an end, but the memories live on. And as the graffiti sign the KMC team left at Vellore says, “We came, we saw, we conquered.” Go KMC!


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