Camping Couches: The Best Friend to Your Camping Experience

camping couches

Returning to the roots is an inherent quality that almost all humankind possesses. Whether it is going back to school reunion or tracing back your childhood days, returning to the place where it all started is the primary objective. It is common knowledge that human civilization practically started from the vast forests and mountains. Therefore, modern man still camps in the wilderness at times to get close to their roots.

A quick understanding of camping

Camping can be broadly defined as an array of activities that we usually carry on our daily lives while having temporary accommodation at outdoors. Any defined set of activities is not designated for camping. The activities can be hiking, mountain biking, trekking, and river rafting to name some. Even hunting or fishing is considered part of camping activities.

Camping is essentially a combination of these activities having a specific insistence on temporary outdoor accommodation like tents. Camping can be broadly defined as below:

  • Survivalist Camping is done by usually homeless people in urban areas simply for surviving
  • Recreational camping is done as a leisure activity to spend some adrenaline pumped vacations
  • Scout Camping is a separate form of Survivalist camping where training is provided to survive any adverse situations with negligible resources

The advent of camping couchescamping couches

Recreational camping has been the leisure of the elites since the last century. To have the luxuries and comfort of their houses the rich elites coveted their plush furniture to accompany them to the campsites. Since carrying heavy furniture proved cumbersome, therefore many businesses started selling lightweight camping furniture. Camping Couches is one of such camping furniture.

As the name suggests camping couches are quite similar to regular couches in matters of being plush and cozy. They are inflatable thus making lightweight carry around and cozy when blown up for installation. With the rise of their popularity, camping couches are also used extensively in various other areas:

  • Pools
  • Backyard
  • Beaches
  • Patio
  • Any kind of festival or open-air performances
  • Parks

Sometimes they even make extra space for the visitor in your home along with your other furniture

Primary Features of camping couches

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Just like a regular couch, any decent inflatable camping couch would have the following defining features:

  • Conformability during their use
  • Convenience in usage and maintenance
  • Good value of money

Apart from these three defining factors, some other important features also help in deciding the best of the camping couches like if the couch is easy to manoeuvre and transport in deflated condition, whether the couch can survive punctures in rough terrain along with if inflating the couch is ways or not.


One has to strike a great balance amongst the previously mentioned features in order to decide about the best camping couches that are currently present in the market. Also, the build and ergonomics should be considered when deciding to buy one camping couch.

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