Parreira’s at Mangalore for those addicted to Pork!

Pork at Mangalore

Those times when you crave to spice up your taste buds, those times when you want food more than how much your stomach can hold, those times when you can’t think of anything else but food, but sadly there is one big hindrance that crashes all these thoughts – your pocket.

20131018_123736 Pork spicy at MangaloreTo rescue you from such crisis situations we bring you to Parreira’s- a very small old-style café kind of restaurant with a pretty much dilapidated setup, a place you’d avoid going with girls, a place that serves as that non-air conditioned temple that helps you fulfill your food dreams without making you think about your pocket.

The place boasts of a very limited menu of chicken but has a huge diversity to offer in terms of pork, beef, and seafood. The pork dishes are extremely exquisite, typically Mangalorean, drenched with oil and spices, imparting a street-food character to all the dishes. The crispy pork rinds are a crunchy and flavorful snack made from fried pork skin and are one of the hits and favorites of both locals and tourists. You can check this blog to know more about this snack.

The Pork chilly and the Goan pork bafat are great favorites. The “pork special” is also an extremely spicy format cooked in loads of black pepper and a considerable amount of oil, complementing the spice perfectly.

The star dish is the lemon pork, a beautifully cooked pork with a lot of rendered fat and a charming yet very subtle flavour of lime. Garnished with coriander, lemon slices and lemon rinds, it gives a very zesty hint on adding a squeeze.

The best part is that all beef and pork dishes are cooked just the way they do it in a Mangalorean household, except for the really oily texture which comes as an add-on. So all this flavour with a nice paratha or an extremely soft and flimsy neer dosa and a chilled coke is enough to fill your stomach, the better part being that all of it takes nothing more than a hundred bucks from your pocket.

If you don’t have money, well this place is a soul-saviour.

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