Students here, students there, everywhere you see students in Mangalore. Majority of the population in Mangalore is thriving with youth. Ever gave a thought as to what obstacles these students might be facing when pursuing their course far away from home? Let me enlighten you then.

Firstly, the student population in Mangalore comprises of people from the North, South, East and West India and also foreigners. Many would think that this could be the obstacle but that is a fad. Students don’t become friends with each other after knowing the detailed background of a person. Besides, there are more friendships blossoming between people from totally different countries. Very few students are narrow-minded like before and are not prejudiced to people from different states or countries. So, think again folks: What could possibly be the obstacle for students?

The answer which I received from many of my friends was “Language Barrier”. Few students were ignorant of the fact that there is a different language for each place in India and many thought that English would suffice as that is the mode of communication in schools and colleges. While these students might be brilliant in academics they fail in the simple things of life here.


Whether it’s a meager task of buying stationary, conveying the place to conductors in bus, directions to Auto-wallahs or at least to know the difference when people are hostile or friendly towards you, many students don’t have a clue. They might be cheated with money by few sadistic people and even friends who know the local language. These friends act amiably in front of them but talk bad  behind their backs to their friends in their respective language. This incident is however decreasing thankfully. This is the “Hell-hole” students come across.


It is essential that every student must know the languages used in the place they are in and also pick up a few basic and common conversations. Mangalore has 4 languages with more predominance on “Tulu” followed by Konkani, Kannada and Beary Bashe. Confused as to which language to know better? Here’s the solution: KANNADA is the ideal language to learn as anyone from Karnataka will understand you. Students can join classes to learn basic kannada so that it won’t be a hindrance to them in their lives. Here are some common conversations:
KANNADA  translated to  ENGLISH
Yeshtu aayitu?: How much does it cost?
Illi right, Alli left : Take a right here, a left there.
Yelli hoga beku? : Where do you want to go?
Yaavaga hoga beku?: When do you want to go?
Time aaytha?: Is it time up?
Adu kodri : Give me that.
Nanage idu beda : I don’t want this.
Nimma hesaru yenu?: What is your name?
Heggidira? : How are you?
Gothilla: I don’t know.
These are just a few common conversations. So students do join Kannada classes which are abundant in Mangalore or learn it online. Just learn the basics needed in your profession. This will make your life easy and you can’t be deceived by people. You can become a “predator” from prey and pull down the language barrier. It‘s up to you to eradicate language barrier in Mangalore.

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