My Bella named the MOON!!

For all of those who missed the Supermoon on 23rd of June 2013- here are a few glimpses of it- Although I wasn’t able to take as many snaps,  as you know about the incessant rains in Mangalore and their timings which have no predictions to follow.

I learnt photography comes with patience when I waited for 2 hours for the moon to show its face to me while it was busy playing hide and seek with the clouds.


Supermoon is when the moon appears the brightest and closest to the earth on one particular day every year. Hence its size is the fullest.

Though in Mangalore the moon appeared to be very bright, I couldn’t recount  the size, may be because of all the cloud.


Being a moon fanatic who spends so much time at the window just staring aimlessly at the most beautiful thing out in the sky, always looking at me and blessing me a good night sleep. I always thought of the moon as something supernatural when I was a kid as it would be a mysterious rounded structure emnating light in the dark night surrounded by the starry sky. It would be full some day, cresent on a few and half on the others, and to my surprise it would not even be found on a few days.


Yes after me stalking the moon every where I went I would think its in love with me that’s why it was following me everywhere. 😛

But as I grew older I learnt about its fortnight schedule and that it looked the same for everyone and followed everyone around and just not me. 😛

After every bit of realization of the moon dawned on me, I still couldn`t get over my love with its beauty as I grew older. When we look closely the moon has a lot of black spots but its bright light and its perfection covers for it all.

I think that is the best definition of beauty- as they say ‘beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder’.

This article is dedicated to all the moon lovers like me.
I hope u enjoy it!
happy blogging!! 🙂
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