The mega historical ride – One Ride One India


One Ride One India is about exploring the length and breadth of the country in Motorcycles to promote tourism in India, promote biking as an adventure sports, promote the plantation drive and support various social causes. The core team riders will be joined by other riders and rider groups throughout their long sojourn of riding more than 35000 kilometers throughout India.

It’s an attempt to unite the biking community in India and is associated with more than 75 motorcycle clubs and communities across India who will be supporting and joining the core team from 35 kilometers to 35000 kilometers from the destination of their choice. It’s an attempt to show the common man that biking is not merely used for the transport purpose. It’s an attempt to create the biggest ride in Indian history and an attempt to form the longest chain of riders relay. The team will be promoting traffic rules and use of proper riding gears and safety.

One Ride One India is associated with the plantation drive called “Save the planet, plant trees” and will be planting as many saplings as possible with help of riders joining this ride throughout India. It’s also associated with “India at its best” to promote tourism of India and would support various causes as each day of the ride begins with a new flag off and a new cause to support and spread awareness.

One Ride One India, along with the associated individual riders, motorcycle clubs and communities will be documenting the whole ride and would present it through their website differentiating it with different categories like people, faces, children, rides, bikers, wildlife, landscapes, nature, cultures, traditions, cuisines, monuments, traditional sports etc, which It would be posted on social networking sites too.

One Ride One India will do a special promotion along with the rider’s support to promote tourism in North Eastern States while riding in those regions of India. A petition consisting of the local issues, promoting tourism will be signed by the riders, the local residents, the people they meet while on the ride and this signed document will be handed over to the President of India.

Blow holes of Nagaland,

Million years old natural caves of Andhra Pradesh, Meghalaya,

Natural rock formations and stone erections of India,

Valley of flowers in Himachal Pradesh,

The floating stone of Tamilnadu,

The unknown tribal areas of India,

Known and unknown rock cut caves of India

Natural stone arch of Andhra Pradesh,

The lonar crater of Maharashtra,

The Dimapur stone chess,

The unexplored North East, and extreme North,

The craft villages of India,

The forgotten havelis of Rajasthan,

The forgotten stepwells of Gujarat

International dolls museum of Delhi,

The Giu village mummy,

The forgotten ruins of India,

The cold deserts of Kashmir,

The Unakoti monuments of the North East,

The Jajmau Excavations of Uttar Pradesh,

The oil museum of Assam,

Unknown waterfalls of India,

UNESCO world heritage sites of India,

Monuments, Nature, Wildlife, Hill Stations, Beaches, of India,

Adventure tourism destinations of India,

The Red Pandas, Snow Leopards, White Tigers, White Peacocks, Gibbons, Rhinos, black Bucks and the other endangered species of India, to mention a few.

Finally they would also promote a slogan.

ONE RIDE ONE INDIA – The mega historical ride!!!

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